Dale Lambert



My name is Dale and I am a REPS and Premier Training-qualified personal trainer from Derby. I have several years' experience in helping people to lose weight, get fit and build muscle - but all while having fun.*

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Personal Trainer Derby



Are you fed up of spending hours at the gym but not getting the results you want? Then I can help! I will improve your training routines to let you reach your goals, while enjoying your workout too.*

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Personal Trainer Derby

Call Me 07932 028814Would you like to get fit? Maybe you want to start exercising and aren’t sure what will be best for you? Perhaps you have been working out for years but want to get the most from your routines? Either way, hiring a personal trainer can help.*

I am a personal trainer based in the Derby area. I work with people of all shapes and sizes and build totally unique fitness programmes to help them achieve their goals.

I am based at Zestfit Studios in Derby. I also host fitness classes out and about around the Derbyshire region.

A lot of people are nervous when they first come along to use a personal trainer. I totally understand why, but I can totally assure you that there is no need to be! I work with clients to ensure that they get the most from their sessions, but that they do so safely and enjoyably. As well as being great for your mind and body, exercise should also be fun!

One-to-One Training

Most of my work is on a one-to-one basis. The great benefit of this is that the client gets 100% of my attention all the time.

We set out objectives together and then build an exercise programme. One thing I really believe in is keeping the training fresh. Nobody wants to do the same thing every week, so I build in different routines each time that will help you reach your goals.


I also host classes and group sessions. For larger groups I work with fellow personal trainers who are based here at Pure Fitness. The best way to find out what classes are on is to check out my Facebook Page.

Classes can be great motivation and a good fun way to get and keep fit. Why not pop along and check out what we do?

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, then please do get in touch – either through the email contact form or by calling me. I’m always happy to answer any questions you have – either over the phone or in person. 


* Results may vary from person to person.